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Chinese Culture Contest General Description 
Chinese Culture Contest is a supplementary means for Chinese heritage students in US to demonstrate their knowledge in Chinese culture, and to encourage them to learn.

This contest is based on a serial of 3 books, <Chinese Culture>, <Chinese Geography>, and <Chinese History> (buy books here). 300-400 review questions will be given in advance, and in the test there will be 100 questions.

The Contest will be held during Feb 26 thru March 7, 2010. All Chinese school students are welcome, including these who took this test before. Winners of different levels will get an award certificate, and winners of higher levels may be invited to a summer/winter camp in China, at organizer’s expense. Considering camp, we recommend age 12 and above.


How and Where to join the Culture Contest

The Chinese School Association in the US (csaus.net) is the general coordinator; Contests will be actually held at area test centers & Chinese schools. Participants must register at own Chinese school (January 2010), which is registered at the area Test Center.

    We have been organizing this event since 2006, and in the past all events were very successful. We are looking forward to another success with your participation!   

1. General Instruction: 美国赛区考试总说明
2. Supervisory: 监考工作细则
3. Test Center: 全美考点分布表

4. Student Registration form参加考试学生登记表 (for Test Centers to use)

5. Letter to Chinese School Leaders  (word doc)


400 review questions (pdf)        OR, Word file
To be the base of the test questions (90-95%) in 2010 Contest.

Sample Contest Questions
Was used for 2006-2008 contests, and will remain similar.

Sample Contest Answer Sheet
Was used for 2007-2008 contests, and will remain similar

                                         Questions and Inquiries:  Contact your Chinese School & Test Centers


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